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She is a new Amazon
CULTZONE 2017-11-09
IMPERIUS LEX part two! As the conflict continues, Superman teams with Lex Luthor to bring peace to a leaderless and warring Apokolips as a new warrior enters the battlefield: Lois Lane, female fury. May Granny Goodness have mercy on all their souls...
Art by:
Jack Herbert, Ed Benes
Cover by: Patrick Gleason
Variant cover by: Jorge Jimenez
Written by: Patrick Gleason, Peter J. Tomasi

About Lois Lane

She’s perhaps the greatest reporter on the planet. And not just the Daily Planet! Since her first appearance in Action Comics #1, Lois Lane has found herself at the center of one earth-shattering event after another. From her early days reporting on the plights of the common man and taking on the mob to her later adventures uncovering mole-men or covering Doomsday’s rampage through her beloved Metropolis, she’s done whatever it takes to get the story. Even when it puts her in danger.


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