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Welcome Shazam!
Alex Nagorski 2013-07-26
One of DC Comics? greatest champions teams up with one its most devious antiheroes in CONSTANTINE #5, which picks up directly following the events of this week?s JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK #22. With the DC Universe in a state of turmoil resulting from the ongoing ?Trinity War,? Constantine has lured Billy Batson to a bar in the back alleys of New York City. There, he plans to steal his thunder and enlist it in his ongoing war against the Cold Flame. Can Constantine wield the power of Shazam as deftly as Billy? Will it serve a man of questionable morals as effectively as it does a boy who is pure of heart? Find out when CONSTANTINE #5, a ?Trinity War? interlude written by Ray Fawkes and illustrated by Renato Guedes, hits stores on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, ?The Unwritten Fables,? the epic five-part crossover continues with this second incredible installment! After being summoned by the Witches of the 13th Floor to a dark and twisted mirror of the FABLES world, Tom has been transformed into Tommy Taylor. Joined by his fictional friends Peter and Sue, Tommy sets off to confront Mister Dark and recover a long-lost fable that could prove to be the key to turning the tide of battle and setting the world right. Written by Mike Carey and Bill Willingham with art from Peter Gross, Mark Buckingham and Russ Braun, THE UNWRITTEN #51 arrives in stores this Wednesday.

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