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Life size Fan Made Bumblebee
O cara criou uma estŠtua do desenho porque era f„
CULTZONE 2009-06-20
A California man with a deep love of Generation 1 Bumblebee created a life size version that stands 18 feet tall in his yard.

?I?ve always been a fan of the Transformers,? Tom Rhoads Rhoads stated to the crew at mim. ?And when my son was born I decided to make the statue.?

The statue stands at 18 feet tall and built from a used Volkswagen, yes that?s right a used Volkswagen, in this economy who can afford to chop up a new Camaro and besides some of us liked the cartoon characters better!

The statue took him and a friend a year to build in their spare time. A crane had to hoist the 1200 lb robot onto its feet after the welding was completed. Its legs are made of steel and angle iron to keep it secure.
Transformers Movie B

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