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MAD #503
Written and illustrated by THE USUAL GANG OF IDIOTS
CULTZONE 2010-03-15
he newest issue of MAD is so full of life-changing awesomeness, you`ll curse the fact that you`ve had to live without it up until now! MAD #503 features our spoof of The Big Bang Theory, Sergio Aragones` look at Avatar, and the 38 Worst Things About Late Night TV! Plus, you`ll also get our merciless mocking of Tiger Woods, Toyota, The Jersey Shore, and Iron Man 2!. Not enough? There`s also The MAD Fold-In, Spy Vs. Spy, The MAD Strip Club, and our brand new feature "Steal These Tweets!" So what are you waiting for?!? Go out, buy a copy and start a new, better life for yourself! MAD | 56pg. | Color

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